About us

Our values

Improvement – We place a lot of value and time on innovating the products and services that we provide, so we can meet our evolving customer needs. We want to ensure our products remain relevant to changes in society and technology.

Quality and Durability – We supply and introduce products and solutions to delight our customers and outlast our competitors.

Our story

We are proud to be a family business and to have over 28 years of experience in the medical furniture and equipment industry. Our products assist many healthcare providers, aged care facilities, and other businesses in the medical and care sectors. With the aid of our high quality and long-lasting products, staff can provide extra support, comfort, and dignity to the clients they care for. 

We closely collaborate with healthcare professionals and listen with compassion and understanding to everyone we work with, providing assistance from the first point of contact right through to after-care services. Our products help prevent isolation, because we know how important being part of a community and maintaining relationships is to wellbeing.

Family and heritage is a key part of our story. Frankie Cheong and his family moved from Malaysia to New Zealand in 1989. As well as being one of the owners of U-Plan, Frankie also designed and manufactured the products. We honour his legacy by striving towards supplying the most innovative and practical products that keep pace with changes in technology and culture, whilst always meeting our clients’ needs.

We are very optimistic about our future as there are many opportunities to grow and learn from the experiences of healthcare providers.

West Auckland has been U-Plan’s home right from the beginning. We invite you to visit our new showroom in Waipareira Avenue to meet us and browse some of our products.

Photo strip

2 Step Plinth Powder Coated
Free Standing Overbed Pole
2 Step Plinth
Foot and Leg Rest